Now available in paperback from your favourite bookshop.

The Flying Orchestra is now available in paperback. The paperback edition includes a list of music to accompany each page, also available on Spotify.

Performances and Awards:

  • ‘Babies Proms’ performance, Sydney Opera House, arranged and conducted by George Ellis

  • Adapted for stage as the headlining performance at the ‘Out of the Box Festival of Early Childhood’, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Directed by Peter Wilson

  •  The Flying Orchestra, performed by Queensland Symphony Orchestra

  • Crichton Award for children’s book illustration, The Children’s Book Council of Australia

  • Selected as a winner in the National Year of Reading’s ‘Book that Best Defines Queensland’ (picture book category)

  • Selected as one of the fifty books for the Australian Federal Government’s ‘Get Reading’ Campaign 

  • Australian Booksellers’ Association list of 50 Favourite Kids’ Books